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More for your money – 20% Longer Session.

Our standard one-hour session is a full 60 minutes of hands-on therapeutic bodywork. Not the 50 minute -“hour” offered by franchise massage business.’

discounted Pricing – no Membership required.

No membership obligation, no carry-overs, no monthly withdrawals. A great massage when you want it, at a price usually reserved for membership clients.

Multiple techniques = uniquely decadent.

Today’s massage therapists offer various types of massage. At Massage MN we are masters at blending massage techniques making each our sessions uniquely decadent.

Pricing Guide

Benefits of different massage techniques:

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A program of soft-tissue manipulation which balances the central nervous system with the musculoskeletal system


Reflexology is hallmarked by the application of pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, or ears.


Elements of sports and medical massage, orthopedic massage integrates several bodywork modalities to treat soft-tissue dysfunctions.


Designed to enhance dynamic performance as well as soft tissue recovery. Not just for athletes this combination of bodywork modalities often speeds and improves the quality of healing.


Hallmarked by long gliding strokes in the direction the heart, one of the goals of this modality is to relax the entire body.


The application of static pressure and movement into the fascial system to alieviate fascial restrictions and facilitate the emergence of emotional patterns that are no longer relevant.

Caring for Caregivers Program at Massage MN. 

The “Caring for Caregivers Program” at Massage MN was developed as a way for caregivers to enjoy a respite from their commitments 
while receiving vital self-care. 
While caregivers know the importance of caring for others, sometimes overlooked is the importance of caring for themselves. 
Often not noticed is how stress manifests and builds up in the body.
If you are a Caregiver, or if you know someone caring for another, our Caring for Caregivers Massage Therapy Program 
offers the perfect pairing of respite and self-care. The program is open to anyone serving as a caregiver, with reduced pricing for services. 
For pricing information, click any box marked ‘Book Now’ to be directed to our online scheduling service and our provider bios. 
Discounted Pricing for healthcare providers!
The Caring for Caregivers Massage Therapy program is available to professional healthcare providers
If you work in a healthcare setting, we want to welcome you to Massage MN! 
When booking your massage, use the “Caring for Caregivers” section to capture your discount. We kindly ask that appointments are booked online, with a minimum of 24-hour advance notice. 
Remember to “Take Time for You!” Schedule your next massage therapy session today. 
Are you interested in informal massage training?
We offer hands-on classes to small groups of caregivers interested in providing massage at home non-professionally. 
Call Frank (612) 419-7207 for information on group classes.

Location & Hours:

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We are located one block south of the intersection of Penn Ave and American Blvd at Southtown Office Park:

8120 Penn Ave So. STE 558, Bloomington MN

Call (612) 419-7207‬ now!


We are open seven days a week to be available to fit your busy schedule.

Weekdays: Monday – Friday 9am-9pm
Weekends: Saturday & Sunday 10am – 6pm